A Showcase of our work!

ASP Junction Case Studies Our work ranges from the simple to the complex. From a simple website to an eCommerce website and everything in between we have done it all! We take pride in our work and it shows in everything we do. Every year we keep honing and refreshing our skills and keep up with the latest website frameworks to bring you the best possible applications we can. With the power of CLassic Active Pages and the easy to use skel.js framework along with JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, and Font Awesome we deliver high powered applications that stand out!

Follow Your truck is the latest project for our sister site HTML Junction it was designed using the baseline template for ease of use across all platforms and browsers. It employs CLASP as the framework for database and server interaction with Skel.js and JQuery for layout and screen manipulation.

HTMLJunction.com is our parent company, HTMLJjunction.net is our web hosting site and aspjunction.com is our development site. We have rebuilt both sites with templates that utilized the Skel.js Framework. Both are responsive, fluid websites and uses HTML5 and CSS3 for form validation and layout presentation. JQuery and Fancybox are used for site and image manipulation.