EZPoll: Online Poll App GitHub

EZPoll is also a popular App of ours!
It is a straight forward poll that is lightweight and easy to implement. With just one line of code you can display the poll on any ASP page within your website. It features the standard poll layout as well as the total number of votes. If admin allows it, a link to view the results is provided, otherwise, they can't see the results until they vote.

If admin has set a time limit on the poll, the closing date is displayed. Results are displayed in order they were entered in admin. It uses an over/under layout - Meaning the answer and percentage are displayed over the bar graph. If admin allows vote changing then a link to change the vote appears. A voter clicks the link and their vote is subtracted from the poll and they are returned to the vote page.

When you create a poll you have the option to add as many answers as you like. Set whether or not you want to let voters see the results or not before they vote. This version allows admin to offer the chance to change votes, this works great in conjunction with a poll with a time limit. Publish the poll right away with the set active option or wait until the current poll expires.

You can edit every field and option, including the name and question. Not only can you edit the answers, you can also add and delete answers. Change the other options as well and set it active if the current poll has ended. View the polls one at a time to inspect them and see at a glance all the settings along with the bar graphs. Admin can change their password in the login info tab.