i'm a classic ASP programmer
and i write code

and I'd love to write code for you! I'll write new code if you can't find what your looking for. I'll fix/rewrite/update old/broken code. It doesn't matter I'll do it for you.


welcome to ASP Junction!


This is my classic ASP factory where I make ASP applications.

I peddle my services here. I like it when some one tells me their site is broke and can I fix it. Or better yet when someone needs an application they can't find anywhere and give me the challenge to come up with a solution.


home of EZCodes!


EZCodes is my collection of web ready ASP scripts

It started with a guestbook for my own site. Then came the newsletter then the photo gallery. From there I added a few more that I thought would come in handy. So now I offer them up freely for the taking.


what i do

I make custom applications and scripts to suit my customers needs.

If you have a website that needs dynamic content e.g. some way to track things online. I can build a custom secure application that can do just that. I can modify the look, feel, and functionality of EZGallery to fit your site seamlessly. I can fix broken and out dated code. Anything you need done in Classic ASP I can do.

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I am the webmaster and principle programmer at HTMLJuction.

I am the creator of ASP Gateway A web portal script that is great for Membership sites - Fraternities, Sororities, Guilds, Groups, Fan Sites, or any type of community site. ASP Gateway has a start page with News, Weather, Sports and other customizable RSS feeds. Some of ASP Gateway's special features include:

  • Fully functional Forum
  • Private Messaging system
  • EZGallery
  • EZNewsletter
  • EZPoll
  • EZUpload
  • EZScheduler

I make, update and support ASP Gateway and EZCodes on my own time. I have been in the process of Updating and improving ASP Gateway, while at the same time updating and improving EZCodes. EZNewsletter has been updated and is much improved upon. ASP Gateway is getting a complete makeover and is almost ready for launch. All of this takes time so if you like my work a donation would be appreciated.

featured scripts

EZNewsletter is at version 3.5 after a complete redo, EZGuestbook and EZpoll are favorites as well as EZScheduler. All EZCodes have had recent makeovers and updating done, so check them out!!