Why ASP Junction?

Newsletter, Guestbook, Calendar, Poll, and more! We have the perfect APP for your ASP Website! For-Next Loops, Multi Dimensional Arrays, Date-Time functions we explain it all!

Some of our ASP APPS

EZNewsletter GitHub

ASP Newsletter
EZNewsletter is our premier App!

It is a double opt-in newsletter management app. Double opt-in means the subscriber needs to first sign-up then click on a link in the confirmation email to confirm their subscription. The subscriber can opt-out either by following a link in the newsletter or by visiting a cancel page. Admin can send emails in HTML or Text formats. It was designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It's a great tool to add to any website!

EZGuestbook GitHub

ASP Guestbook
EZGuestbook is our next most popular App!

The guestbook is easily customizable even for the novice. It uses CSS with a tabled layout for those just starting out with HTML and straight forward coding for the experienced programmer. It utilizes pagination for easy navigation. It shows the total number of entries and pages, and can be found at the top and bottom of the entries.

EZCalendar GitHub

ASP Calendar
EZCalendar is an Events Calendar!

The main feature is the ability to register for events. a user clicks on a register link and registers for the event. Admin can turn on/off registration for each event. Another feature is an announcement board for news or more info on events. It comes with two themes to choose from or you can create your own to match your website.

We help explain some of the basics of ASP in our Articles!

ASP is arguably the easiest of all to learn and implement. The code can be written in such a way as to allow Designers and Non-programmers to manipulate the HTML without breaking the code while ASP.NET and PHP are not quite so forgiving at times.

Anyone with an understanding of HTML can utilize ASP in some of it's basic forms to perform useful functions. These articles cover some of more common ASP routines that most web-masters can use.

Steve Frazier

"The best part is that ASP Junction comes with ASP APPS designed to work with just about every ASP website and makes it super easy for non-techy users to use. The ASP Articles are well written and informative. Definitely worth a read"

Steve Frazier