ASP Articles and Tutorials

ASP Articles and Tutorials for the beginner

These are just a few tutorials we have put together for the ASP Novice. We have tried to make them as easy to follow as possible with a thorough explanation of each step in the process. We hope to have more examples in the future. There are other excellent resources out there. W3Schools is one among many that can help you on your programming adventure! Have fun and enjoy!

These articles and tutorials are written using VBScript.

Dynamic date dropdown menu

This article will explain how to Dynamically populate a dropdown menu of days dependent on the Month selected while taking leap year into consideration.

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Importing a text file to a database

This article will explain how to import the contents of a text file (.txt) when using MS text or OLE DB Drivers wont do! We will be using the FileSystem and TextStream objects for this lesson!

Loops: How loops work with ASP

This article explores the different types of looping: For...Next, For Each...Next, Do...Loop, While...Wend!


This tutorial examines the If...Then, If...Then...Else, If...Then...ElseIf, and Select Case statements

Displaying Dates and Times with ASP

In this article I will Show you how to display the Date and Time on your web page with ASP!

Working with Multi Dimensional Arrays

In this article we will look at Multi Dimensional Arrays, Focusing on the Nontraditional Arrays.