Informative Classic ASP Articles!

CLassic Active Server Pages - is a robust script engine/framework that uses as it's underlying languages VBScript; used the most, JScript (based on JavaScript); used almost as much as VBScript, and PearlScript; used almost exclusively on Apache Servers for Unix. It has been around since the mid 90's with three versions to date.

CLASP is arguably the easiest of all to learn and implement. The code can be written in such a way as to allow Designers and Non-programmers to manipulate the HTML without breaking the code while ASP.NET and PHP are not quite so forgiving at times.

Anyone with an understanding of HTML can utilize CLASP in some of it's basic forms to perform useful functions. These articles cover some of more common CLASP routines that most web-masters can use. They range from how to display the Date - Time dynamically and how to make a dynamic date dropdown menu to showing how to use basic looping and looping through arrays.

CLassic Active Server Pages is great for those who just need to do something simply and dynamically.